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Join our eratosthenes2016mar Experiment 2015 Community, view and copy our eratosthenes2016mar Experiment lesson (for Elementary and High school), run the lesson through our Inspiring Science Education platform and don’t miss the opportunity to travel to the 2016Inspiring Science Education Summer Academy in Athens. Submission takes place automatically with the completion of the lesson. Run your scenario from the 16th to the 30th of March. The winner will be selected by draw!

The contest in 4 steps

  1. Register to the ODS eratosthenes2016mar Experiment 2015 community.
  2. For lesson in English: Select the proper lesson (for Elementary or High school) from the Resources area For lesson in other languages: Join thesubcommunity that offers the lesson in your language of interest (inside the lesson the ODS eratosthenes2016mar Experiment community).
  3. “Clone” the lesson in your account area.
  4. Deliver the lesson in your classroom with your students (one computer per student is required).

Conditions, Detailed Instructions & Prize

  1. Only teachers from registered schools can take part. For registering your school, please click here.
  2. Enter the eratosthenes2016mar Experiment 2015 Community at the ISE Portal (
  3. For the lesson in English: once in the above community go to the “Resources” and click on the lesson you are interested in (for Elementary school or High School) 
    For the lesson in other languages (Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Croatian, Romanian, Bulgarian): once in the above community join the sub-community (by clicking on the network of related communities) that has the lessons in the language of your interest (e.g. eratosthenes2016mar Greek Community) and there within the “Resources” click on the lesson you are interested in (for Elementary School or High School)
  4. Press the option “clone” and you will be re-directed to the ISE Authoring Tool, where you have to press the clone option again.
  5. The lesson will be cloned in your personal account and you will be redirected to the edit metadata page. You don’t have to edit the metadata. You have to press from the top bar the option: “My Lessons and Scenarios”.  
  6. Finally, you have to press the option “Deliver Lesson”. The system will produce two unique URLs, namely
    - the Teacher URL, which should be used by the teacher, so as to monitor students’data 
    - The Student URL, which should be used by the students to access the eratosthenes2016mar Lesson, see the lesson content and answer to the problem solving questions
  7. If you want to use the eratosthenes2016mar Lesson with another class. You have to re-press the option “Deliver Lesson” again  
  8. Submission takes place automatically with the completion of the lesson. The winner will be selected by draw.

The prize for the eratosthenes2016mar Online Lesson Contest is a place in the 2016Inspiring Science Education 6-day Summer Academy in Athens, with all the costs (traveling, accommodation, catering and fees) covered by the relevant scholarship.


The eratosthenes2016mar Experiment 2016 is organised with support from the European Commission in the context of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). This Website reflects only the views of the Inspiring Science Education consortium members, the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.

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