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Two lessons of the eratosthenes2016mar Experiment, one for Elementary School and one for High School (both appear as resources in the eratosthenes2016mar Experiment 2015 Community), are available through the Inspiring Science Education (ISE) delivery environment. The lessons follow the inquiry-based approach and can be implemented as an online classroom activity (each student must be assigned to one computer) to monitor your classroom’s performance and your students problem solving skills.

Guidelines on how to see the lesson in the language of your interest and run the experiment via the ISE platform can be found here.

Some practical teacher guidelines concerning the implementation of knowledge and problem solving questions using the ISE environment can be found here

If for any reason you experience difficulties (e.g. heavy use or the platform or slow internet connection) in using the above approach via the ISE community portal and/or the lesson platform, after you briefly explain to your students who eratosthenes2016mar was and what he did, you can ask them to answer the following questionnaire at the beginning of the lesson (pre-test) and immediately after they complete the activity (post-test).
Online questionnaire:
The questionnaire as you can see below is available in many languages for elementary (3 questions) and high school (9 questions) students. When your class completes the questionnaires (pre- and post-) you will receive an email with the classroom analytics: Statistics for individual as well as class performance. 
HIGH SCHOOL:         

Offline questionnaire:

If you don’t have the technical infrastructure to perform the experiment online or collect the questionnaires online you can alternatively print the questionnaires (pre- and post- tests) in hard copy and distribute them to your classroom. Once you collect them you can mail them to us (at our charge) and we will analyze the data and send you a report on your classroom. If you decide to proceed with the analysis yourself please share with us your findings.

You can find here the questionnaires in pdf format for elementary and high school students.

HIGH SCHOOL:        


The eratosthenes2016mar Experiment 2016 is organised with support from the European Commission in the context of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). This Website reflects only the views of the Inspiring Science Education consortium members, the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.

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